Amulets of the Goddess

[Dreaming Goddess] [Owl] Artist Nancy Blair has been deeply inspired by the Goddess. She created the Amulets of the Goddess as a tool to help people connect to divine female energy in a tangible way. An amulet is a small object or charm designed to offer protection and comfort. There are 27 amulets in this set divided into three groups: goddesses, sacred animals and sacred symbols. Each amulet shows a symbol of some aspect of the Goddess. The Dreaming Goddess (left) brings intuitive inspiration. Blair based her designs on actual prehistoric artifacts and paintings. The amulets can be painted or left as they are. In the companion book Amulets of the Goddess: Oracle of Ancient Wisdom she describes the history and meaning of each amulet and offers suggestions for using them for healing and guidance. Also included is a velvet drawstring bag to hold the amulets.

Number of
Copyright Publisher Book Cover Drawstring
27 1 1/2"
1993 Wingbow [book cover] [bag]
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Also Included: instruction book (191 pages), velvet drawstring pouch

Category: Non-tarot

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