Tarot of the Ages

[Hierophant] [10 of Cups] The Tarot of the Ages draws on the lore and symbols of five civilizations. The major arcana is illustrated with pictures of Ancient Egypt. Each card also shows a Hebrew letter and astrological sign. The Fool is card number 21. The 4 suits of the minor arcana are inspired by the Vikings in the north for Swords, Central America in the west for Cups, Central Africa in the south for Batons and India in the east for Coins. The artist Mario Garizio created the images for the Tarot of the Ages in watercolor pastel and tempera on thin board in 1985. The deck was first released by U. S. Games in 1988.

Number of
Copyright Publisher Card Back Design

22 major
56 minor

2 3/8"
4 3/8"
1989 U. S. Games [back design]
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Also Included: instruction booklet (52 pages), title card, ankh card

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[King of Swords] [Ace of Coins] [7 of Batons]

Reference: The Encyclopedia of Tarot: Volume 3 by Stuart Kaplan, pgs 564-565


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