Angel Oracle Set

[Gabriel [Guardian Angel of Children] Ambika Wauters created the Angel Oracle set to help people connect with their own guiding angels and the special qualities they represent. She feels that angels are our link with the Divine Source, and they can offer us guidance and inspiration on a daily basis. The 36 cards in this deck are divided into different groups: the archangels, guardian angels, angel princes, and others, each with its own heavenly attribute and gift. Every card shows a picture of an angel, its name and an affirmation that captures that angel's unique offering. The Angel Oracle comes as a deck/book set with the book Angel Oracle. In this book, Wauthers talks about the angelic realms, gives a description of each card and suggests ways to use them for guidance and expanded awareness.

Deck/Book Set
Number of
Copyright Publisher Book Cover Card Back
36 3 9/16"
5 9/16"
1995 St. Martin's [book cover] [back design]
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Also Included: instruction book (112 pages),

Category: Non-tarot

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[Angel of Discernment] [Angel of Glory] [Angel Prince of the West]


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