Black Angel Cards

[Sun Daughter] [Warrior] Earthlyn Marselean Manuel says she created the Black Angel Cards as a means of soul "restore our wondrous purpose and existence as black women by reviving our own hearts and spirits." Her 36 images are dream symbols that bring forth feelings and inner truths. Each card shows one quality or approach to life that can be embraced in the process of awakening the soul. There are two aspects - a waking path of full awareness and a sleeping path when complete expression is not possible. The Sun Daughter is radiant (waking) but her abundant love can also be stifled (sleeping). In the companion book, Manuel shares her own experience of deep transformation beginning with a powerful Black Angel dream. She offers many ways to work with the cards for insight and soul revival.

Deck/Book Set
Number of
Copyright Publisher Book Cover Card Back
36 5"
7 1/8"
1999 HarperCollins [book cover] [back design]
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Also Included: instruction book (192 pages), description card

Category: Non-tarot

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