Tarot of Ceremonial Magick

[Lust] [2 of Wands] Lon Milo DuQuette has created the Tarot of Ceremonial Magick to incorporate the key elements of a variety of esoteric systems. He feels that "by learning tarot properly, you [can] simultaneously master the fundamentals of Qabalah, Astrology and Ceremonial Magick." This deck is based on two popular varieties of Qabalah-based magick: the Enochian of Dr. John Dee and Goetia. It also draws on astrological data, Tattwa meditation and the I Ching. Each card represents particular elements from these different systems. The symbols and names on the cards show these assignments. The Tarot of Ceremonial Magick is based on the Thoth deck as DuQuette was inspired by the works of Aleister Crowley. There is a separate companion book for this deck called Tarot of Ceremonial Magick: A Pictorial Synthesis of Three Great Pillars of Magick (Astrology, Enochian Magick, Goetia).

Number of
Size Copyright Card Back Design

22 major
56 minor

4 5/8"
1994 [back design]
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Companion Book
Title Author Size Number of
Copyright Order Code Book Price Cover
Tarot of
Lon Milo
5 1/4"
8 1/2"
276 1995 [cover]
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Language of Card Titles: English

Style of Suit Cards (2-10): symbolic pictures with attributions

Also Included: instruction booklet, title card

Major Arcana:
Fool, Magus, High Priestess, Empress, Emperor, Hierophant, Lovers, Chariot, Lust (Card 11), Hermit, Fortune, Justice (Card 8),
Hanged Man, Death, Art, Devil, Tower, Star, Moon,
Sun, Aeon, Universe

Suit Names: Wands, Cups, Swords, Disks (Pentacles)

Court Cards: Knight (King), Queen, Prince (Knight), Princess (Page)

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