Daughters of the Moon Tarot

[Star] [6 of Wands] The Daughters of the Moon Tarot was created to celebrate the consciousness of woman and Goddess-centered spirituality. It was originally called the Matriarchal Tarot when first conceived in 1976. Artist Ffiona Morgan sees the Daughters of the Moon tarot as an archive or record of womanlore and knowledge. These round cards bring the idea of cycles and gradations of positive and negative to the tarot. The deck is divided into five arcanas: the aether (majors) and those of the suits (flames, cups, blades and pentacles). Some traditional male cards have been removed or changed to the feminine. The Magician has become the Witch. There are two new major cards: Pan and Coyotewoman, the Trickster. The court cards have been reduced to three in each suit: the Maiden, Mother and Crone - three archetypes of the Goddess. The Daughters of the Moon Tarot is inclusive within its feminine orientation: all races, ages and body shapes are represented. There is a separate companion book for this deck called Daughters of the Moon Tarot.

Number of
Size Copyright Card Back Design

21 Aether arcana (major)
52 other arcanas (minor)

5 1/4" diameter
revised edition
[back design]
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Companion Book
Title Author Size Number of
Copyright Cover
of the Moon
5 1/2"
8 1/2"
105 1994
11th edition - 2000
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Language of Card Titles: English

Style of Suit Cards (2-10): Picture scenes

Also Included with Deck: instruction sheet (16 pages), two Lovers card options

Major Arcana:
Dreamer, Witch, Isis, Mawu, Aphrodite, Amazon, Strength
Wise One, Spiderwoman, Maat, Reversal, Phoenix, Temperance,
Oppression, Pan or Coyotewoman, Kali, Star, Yemeya,
Amaterasu, Celebration, Shakti

Suit Names: Flames (Wands), Cups, Blades (Swords), Pentacles

Court Cards: No King, Crone (Queen), Mother (Knight), Maiden (Page)

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