Dolphin Divination Cards

[Caution! Nets Ahead] [Peace] Nancy Clemens keeps a set of her Dolphin Divination cards in an abalone shell to be passed around amoung friends and family whenever there's a need for insight or guidance. Dolphins are known for their joy, playfulness and unconditional love. Each of these 102 round cards shows a different message or gift from the dolphins. The deck comes with a two-sided instruction sheet showing a number of possible spreads and suggestions for using the cards in different settings.

Number of
Copyright Card Back Design
102 2" diameter 1994 [back design]
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Language of Card Titles: English

Also Included: instruction sheet, title card, publisher card, dedication card,
acknowledgments card, 2 inspiration cards

Abundance, Ascending the Spiral,
Beyond Time and Space, Birthing, Breather,
Caution! Nets Ahead, Celebration, Celestial Sound, Change, Clearing,
Close Encounter, Communion, Connections, Creativity, Crystalline Structures, Curiosity,
Deep Dive, Depths of Silence,
Empowerment, En "dolphins," Entangled, Entering Higher Dimensions, Entering New Dimensions, Essence, Expansion,
Faraway Shores, Float, Food Chain, Free Flow,
Gridwork of Light, Guidance,
Habitat, Harmonics, Healing, Heart to Heart, Hidden Treasure, High Surf, "Holy Mackerel,"
In Balance with Nature, Integration, Interspecies Relationships, Island,
Jumping for Joy,
Laughing Out Loud, Learning from DeLight, Lessons, Liberation, Life Force, Light Rays, Low Surf,
Magic, Meditation, Messages, Migration, Mirroring,
Navigation, Networking, New Light Body, No Boundaries, Nuturing the Young, Nuzzling,
One, Open Channel,
Pairing, Peace, Pilot, Play, Pod, Predators, Protection,
Radical Trust, Relax, Retreat, Riding the Waves, Ripples,
Secret Equipment, Sensitivity, Sharing, Smiling Heart, Sonar, Splash, Surprise,
Stormy Weather, Strength, Sunshine on the Water, Surrender, Swimming between Hope and Fear,
Swimming in Circles, Synchronicity, Synergy,
Tailspin, Taking Care of What We Have, Telepathy, Timing, Touch, Trance'mission,
Unconditional Love, Undercurrents,
"A Whale of a Tale", Wish Fulfilling

Suit Names: no suits

Court Cards: no court cards


[Undercurrents] [Radical Trust] [Entering New Dimensions]


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