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[Journey] [Family] The Dreamquest deck is a collection of 70 cards designed to help you explore and uncover the deepest meanings of your dreams. Each card offers a series of questions about a certain topic such as journey (left) or family (right). The cards can be used individually or with a partner or group. In the instruction booklet, authors Kathleen Meadows and Gloria Nye answer common questions about dreams and describe a strategy for using the cards. The dreamer draws three cards "at random" one at a time, answering the questions for each card before choosing the next. When finished, the dreamer creates a summary statement combining the titles of each card. The subjects of the three cards illuminate the dream in surprising ways. Meadows and Nye facilitate dream workshops, lectures, retreats and study groups.

Number of Cards Size Copyright Card Back
70 4" x 6" 1998 [back design]
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Language of Card Titles: English

Also Included: instruction booklet (21 pages), Inspiration Card

Ability, Activity, Addiction, Ambition, Anger, Antagonist, Assertive, Attitude, Authority,
Barrier, Beauty, Body Awareness, Building, Child, Choice, Communication, Conflict, Conformity,
Control, Creativity, Disaster, Disappointment, Dominant Image, Energy, Expectations, Exposed,
Fairy Tale, Family, Fear, Forgive, Friendship, Guilt, Healing, Humour, Intuition, Journey,
Loss, Love, Mystery, Nurture, Object, Opposite Gender, Pain, Parents, Personal Growth, Play,
Plot, Positivity,, Possession, Power, Prosperity, Protection, Recurring Image, Relationship,
Responsibility, Risk Taking, Security, Setting, Sexuality, Shadow, Shame, Spirituality,
Success, Title, Transition, Trust, Value, Victim, Work, Worth

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