Goddess Speaks

[Kali] [Sleeping Goddess of Malta] Goddess Speaks by Dee Poth honors the Goddess who "provides an embodiment and focus for the concept of feminine spirituality." There are 31 goddesses in this deck - one for each day of the month. They come from many different cultures and traditions. Each card has the name of the goddess at the top with a keyword attribute and affirmation for her at the bottom. The images are based on artifacts and objects chosen by the author from museums around the world. The companion book The Goddess Speaks: Myths, Meditations, Symbols & Sacred Sites describes the story of each goddess and five sacred sites devoted to different goddessses, such as the Shrine of Hathor at Deir el Bahri. Poth provides pictures and maps of these power places.

Deck/Book Set
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Copyright Publisher Book Cover Card Back
31 4"
6 1/2"
1998 Sibyl
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Also Included: instruction book (192 pages), instruction card

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