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[Minerva] [Eagle Woman] Susan Seddon Boulet is a well-known visionary artist. She was born in Brazil in 1941, growing up on a citrus farm surrounded by the natural world. Eventually she settled in Oakland, CA where she lived until her death in 1997. The Goddesses Knowledge Cards are a collection of 48 of her paintings of goddesses from many different cultures, including the Greek, Roman, Celtic, Native American, Egyptian, Middle Eastern and Scandinavian. In her dream-like images we can experience the power and beauty of the Divine Feminine in all Her many guises. On the back of each card is a brief description of that goddess' story and her special power and spiritual meaning. Her name is given at the top. This deck is designed for learning and meditation rather than divination. The cards are not typically used for readings due to the text on the back. Susan Seddon Boulet is also the artist for the Animal Spirits Knowledge Cards.

Number of Cards Size Copyright Card Back Design
48 3 1/4" x 4" ? [back design]
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Language of Card Text: English (on back of the cards)

Also Included: none

Hel, Hera, Kaltes, Ix Chel, Ishtar, Inanna, High Priestess, Hathor
Arianrhod, Demeter, Eagle Woman, Sedna, Amphitrite, Fortuna, Hina
Spider Woman, Valkyrie, Venus, Kuan Yin, Flora, Etain, Epona,
White Shell Woman, Thetis, Psyche, Rhiannon, Triple Goddess, Tlazolteotl,
Themis, Sphinx, Selene, Morgan Le Fay, Lady of the Lake, Lilith,
Persephone, Pele, Minerva, Medusa, Mary, Diana, Aphrodite, Artemis,
Gaia, Eve, Changing Woman, Bast, Athena, Isis and Osiris

Suit Names: no suits

Court Cards: no court cards

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