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This deck presents the wisdom of the I Ching in card format. The I Ching is an ancient Chinese oracle based on 64 hexagrams of 6 lines each. The meaning of each hexagram is drawn from the unique combination of its lines. The I Ching is consulted by throwing three coins to determine which hexagram applies to a particular situation. Special coins for this purpose are included with this deck. Each card gives the Chinese hexagram name in Chinese, English and calligraphy, the 6 lines, and the card number. At the bottom are the names of the two trigrams (three-line components) that make up the hexagram and some of their attributes. The meaning of each hexagram is given on the back with details about the individual lines. Instructions on how to use the I Ching are provided on separate cards.

Number of
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64 hexagram cards 2 3/4" x 4 3/4" 1971 U. S. Games Hexagram Meaning
(varies with each card)
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Language of Card Titles: English (and Chinese for titles)

Also Included: 11 instruction cards, 5 blank note cards, three coins

Creative, Receptive, Initial Difficulty, Youthful Inexperience, Waiting, Conflict,
The Army, Union, Small Restraint, Treading Carefully, Peace, Stagnation,
Fellowship with Men, Abundance, Humility, Harmony, Following, Arresting Decay,
Approach, Contemplation, Biting Through, Adornment, Falling Apart, Returning,
Correctness, The Great Taming Force, Nourishment, Excess, The Perilous Pit,
The Clinging, Influence, Perseverance, Retreat, The Power of the Great, Progress,
Darkening of the Light, The Family, Disunion, Arresting Movement, Removing Obstacles,
Decrease, Increase, Removing Corruption, Encountering, Gathering Together, Ascending,
Oppression, A Well, Revolution, The Caldron, Exciting Power, Arresting Movement,
Gradual Progress/Growth, The Marrying Maiden, Prosperity, Traveling Stranger,
Gentle Penetration, Joy/Pleasure, Dispersion, Regulation/Restraining, Inmost Sincerity,
Small Excesses, After Completion, Before Completion

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Card 54 - Kuei Mei............Back of Card 54............Sample Instruction Card

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