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[Money Fairies] [Synchronicity] When Jaya Moran was a child, she had many glimpses of the Sidhe* or Fairyfolk in the wild recesses of her home in Western Ireland. Later she became a intuitive reader and teacher. In the Irish Fairy Cards, Moran combines these two interests. Her deck of 64 cards is based on the wisdom and spirituality of the fairies of Tir na nOg (land of eternal youth). These cards highlight the joyful playfulness of these little beings. Each card shows the image in the center surrounded by a border of shamrocks. The card's number is at the top and keyword meaning at the bottom. On the back of the cards are spirals inspired by the kerb stone of Newgrange, a famous Sidhe dwelling. This deck comes as a set with Irish Fairy Cards for Inspiration and Guidance. In this book, Moran describes each fairy scene and its meaning and message with a poem of inspiration for each card.

* Sidhe is pronounced "she" in Gaelic

Number of Cards Size Copyright Book Cover Card Back
64 2 3/4" x 4 1/2" 1997 [back design]
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Language of Card Titles: English

Also Included: instruction book (156 pages), title card

Fairy Woman, Fairy Man, Emergence, Realization, Matter of Time, Peace Pipe,
Go Getter, Elixir of Life, Rest & Play, Trust, Harmony, Shadow, Friendship,
Money Fairies, Old Gateway, Happy Days, Fun Fairies, Direction, Eternal Flame,
Fairy Godmother, Shining Through, Beauty, Mischief, Homecoming, Catch a Falling Star,
Fairy Key, You're Special, Color Healing, Wild One, Enchantment, Sweet Love Story,
Enthusiasm, Hide Away, Show Your Horns, Fresh Start, Noble Truth, Gathering,
Alchemy, Phenomenal, Vision, Bright Side, Plenty, Invitation, Synchronicity,
Promise, Flowing & Flowering, Joyful Journey, Inspiration, Rebel, Transformation,
Bit of Trouble, Meditation, Magic, Enjoy a Job, Contentment, Fairy Fool,
Wisdom, Bubble of Joy, Surrender, Riddle, Compassion, Gratitude, Balance, Great Luck

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Court Cards: no court cards

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