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[Caution] [Great Exceeding] The I Ching Tarot by Kwan Lau offers a simple, modern approach to this ancient Chinese oracle. There is one card for each of the 64 hexagrams. The images capture the essence of each card. Card 10 conveys "caution" by showing a man about to step on a tiger's tail (left). At the top is a card's number, Chinese name and traditional hexagram in line format. At the bottom is a keyword title, short phrase of meaningful advice and a page reference in the companion book I Ching Tarot: A Game of Divination and Discovery. In the book, Lau offers more details about each card with spreads and sample readings. He also describes a method for using the cards with the more customary I Ching coins for extra advice as needed. The artist is Patricia Pardini.

Deck/Book Set
Number of
Copyright Publisher Book Cover Card Back
64 3 1/4"
4 3/4"
1996 Tenga Books [book cover] [back design]
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Also Included: instruction book (231 pages)

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