I Ching Kit

[yarrow sticks] [pad and pencil] [coins] The I Ching Kit includes everything you need to learn this ancient Chinese oracle. In the companion book How to Use the I Ching, Stephen Karcher describes the origin, philosophy and structure of the I Ching. He also gives details on three different ways to consult the oracle: coins, yarrow stalks and colored marbles. The yarrow stalk method traditionally uses 50 thin sticks taken from the tips of the yarrow plant. Similar wooden sticks are included in this set along with three coins, a pad and pencil for notes and a summary chart of the 64 hexagrams that are the basic elements of the I Ching (see below).

Items Size Copyright Book Cover
3 coins
50 sticks
coins = 1"
sticks = 8 1/4"
1997 [book cover]
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Also Included: instruction book (184 pages), 3 coins, notepad, pencil, Hexagram chart

Key to the Hexagrams Chart:

[Hexagrams chart]


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