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[sticks] Wu Wei is the author of many books on the I Ching. The Complete I Ching Kit includes two. The I Ching Workbook gives an overview and a description page for each of the 64 hexagrams, including the Chinese name with pronunciation, keywords, a general interpretation and line meanings. The workbook also includes 100 fill-in-the-blank pages for recording readings. The second book is I Ching Readings: Interpreting the Answers. It gives a more in-depth explanation I Ching divination with 20 question-and-answer sample readings from Wu Wei's practice. The kit comes with 50 yarrow stalks "hand picked and individually groomed by Chinese people in Northeast China specifically for use in divination with the I Ching" (left). Wu Wei explains the yarrow stalk method of divination with diagrams, but his material can also be adapted to the more familiar coin method of reading.

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Yarrow Sticks
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50 7 1/2" 1997 Power Press [book of readings cover] [workbook cover]
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Included: instruction book of sample readings (308 pages), workbook (297 pages), 50 yarrow stalks

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