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[Jupiter] [Four of Wands] This version of the 1JJ Swiss Tarot deck is published by AGMuller in Switzerland and distributed by U. S. Games. Versions of the 1JJ Swiss have existed for over a century. One was created by Swiss cardmaker Johann Georg Rauch circa 1831-1838. In this deck there is a "JGR" on the four of coins. Another version was produced circa 1865 using Rauch's woodblocks, but the "JGR" has been removed. In both these cases, the titles are in French, but titles in the current deck are in English. The major arcana cards depict 19th century costumed figures. Card 2 is the Roman goddess Junon, and Card 5, the god Jupiter. The Two of Pentacles has the traditional ribbon showing the location of the manufacturer "Fabrique de Cartes a Schaffhouse."

Number of
Size Copyright Card Back Design

22 major
56 minor

2 3/8"
4 3/8"
1974 [back design]
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Language of Card Titles: English

Style of Suit Cards (2-10): suit tokens

Also Included: instruction booklet, 2 publisher cards

Major Arcana:
Fool, Magician, Junon, Empress, Emperor, Jupiter,
Lovers, Chariot, Strength (Card 11), Hermit, Wheel of Fortune,
Justice (Card 11), Hanged Man, Death, Temperance, Devil, Tower,
Star, Moon, Sun, Judgment, World

Suit Names: Wands, Cups, Swords, Pentacles

Court Cards: King, Queen, Knight, Page

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Reference - The Encyclopedia of Tarot: Volume 1 by Stuart Kaplan, pg. 270, The Encyclopedia of Tarot: Volume 2, pgs. 366-367.


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