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[Love one another] [The Lady of the Well] The Master Tarot is based on the life and works of Jesus, however the artist Mario Montano emphasizes that, "This not the Jesus of any church, of any sect or religion - it is the Jesus felt inside a single heart - or two, perhaps, if you, the reader, are also touched by this Master." This deck is not organized in the same way as most tarot decks. The cards are divided into three sections: the Majors, Minors and People cards. The Majors are archetypes inspired by the story of Jesus. The Minors are forty short sayings of Jesus offering insight and guidance more directly. They are not organized into suits, but are numbered from 1-40. The People cards are 16 individuals who were associated with Jesus. They are also psychological and spiritual types. The images on the Master Tarot are beautifully rendered with a powerful emotional intensity in many cases.

Number of
Copyright Publisher Card Back Design

22 Major
40 Minor
16 People

2 3/4"
4 3/4"
1996 U. S. Games [back design]
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Language of Card Titles: English and German

Style of Suit Cards (2-10): story scenes and symbolic pictures

Also Included: instruction booklet, two publisher cards

Comet, Son of Man, Angel, Mother, Father, Temple, Prophet,
Magdalen, Temptation, Disciples, Miracle, Forgiving, Whip, Supper,
Love One Another, Kiss, Scream, Here and Now, Celebration, Spirit,
Apocalypse, Galaxy

Suit Names: no separate suits

Court Cards: 16 people cards
High Priest, Seer, Man of Power, Wife, Moralist, Housekeeper,
Chief Disciple, Lady of Alms, Beloved, Devotee, Twice Born,
Lady of Ointment, Barabbas, Lady of Sin, Neighbor, Lady of the Well

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