Celtic Oracle

[Bran] [Ur] The Celtic Oracle Set by Gerry Maguire Thompson is an introduction to the beliefs and divination practices of the ancient Celts. The kit includes three sets of 20 cards. The words of wisdom cards offer blessings and proverbs (see below). The animal oracle and tree oracle cards feature animals and plants important to the Celts. The kit also includes a two-sided perpetual calendar with stickers to keep track of the new and full phases of the moon. In the instruction book, Thompson gives an overview of Celtic history, festivals, stories, sacred sites, healing and divination. The kit itself is a sturdy, side-opening box with slots for all materials.

Number of
Copyright Publisher Book Cover Card Back
60 2 1/8"
2 7/8"
1999 Chartwell Books [book cover] [back design]
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Also Included: instruction book (64 pages), perpetual calendar with stickers, storage box

Category: Non-tarot

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