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[Magician] [5 of Wands] Lucy Cavendish created the Oracle Tarot "out of the belief that modern lives need a modern deck." Her bright, colorful images are oriented toward the concerns and interests of young women. All the cards feature a woman, even the Emperor. The major arcana cards have traditional tarot names for the most part with a few keyword meanings. The exceptions are Change (Death), Bondage (Devil) and Tradition (Hierophant). Cavendish made these changes to emphasize the creative and positive in her deck. There are no court cards, but the 40 minor cards are still divided into four groups. These are easy to recognize as the four tarot suits, although they are not identified as such on the cards.

Number of
Copyright Publisher Card Back Design

22 major
40 minor

3 1/2"
2003 Hay House [back design]
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