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[Eagle medicine] [Kokopelli medicine] Manny Twofeathers feels he was guided by the Spirits to share his vision of the healing medicine of stones. In his book Stone People Medicine: A Native American Oracle, Twofeathers talks about the nature and meaning of stones and shares stories about his experiences with them. The Stone People are eight animal spirits who came to him in dreams plus two other humanlike spirits: Kokopelli and Man-in-the-Maze. Twofeathers created an oracle for these ten spirits by hand-painting figures representing them on small stones. This set has cards replacing the stones, but the oracle works with either. The guidebook also explains the meaning of each medicine animal or spirit and how its message is influenced by each of the five directions: north, south, east, west and within. Twofeathers is also the author of The Road to the Sundance: My Journey into Native Spirituality.

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2001 New World
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Also Included: instruction book (142 pages)

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