Russian Gypsy Fortune Telling Cards

[Part of Sun] [Part of Dog] The Russian Gypsy Fortune Telling Cards are based on a set created for Svetlana Alexandrovna Touchkoff by her mother who was taught this art by an 80-year-old Russian woman after WWII. This beautiful deck is made up of 50 pictures of objects such as a road, dog or horseshoe. Each picture has been split in half with the halves scattered among the 25 cards of the set. This means each card has four different half-scenes. In readings, the cards are laid down in 5 rows of 5 cards, and the reader looks for ways to rotate cards next to each other to make matching halves. (See the example for the angel below). Completed objects are then interpreted according to their orientation: up, down, facing left or facing right. The set includes the book Russian Gypsy Fortune Telling Cards with detailed instructions and interpretations (182 pages).

Number of Cards Size Copyright Book Cover Card Back
25 4" x 4" 1992 [back design]
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Language of Card Titles: No Titles

Also Included: instruction book

Pictures When Matched:
Cavalier, Clover, Ship, House, Firewood, Apple,
Snake, Hearse, Bouquet, Scythe, Branches,
Birds, Boy, Fox, Bear, Stars, Heron, Dog,
Castle, Forest, Mountains, Road, Mice, Heart,
Ring, Moon, Fish, Owl, Anchor, Handshake, Angel,
Lady, Horse, Knot, Cat, Scales, Crayfish, Fire,
Pig, Bridge, Demons, Rooster, Dagger, Bread

Suit Names: no suits

Court Cards: no court cards

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