Rumi Card and Book Pack

[feast is forever] [fear] Rumi is a 13th century mystic poet of the Middle East. His poetry expresses his vision of the "wildest and grandest heights of the Spirit." The 54 cards in this deck are a collection of verses from Rumi's poetry. They can be used in the same way as other divination tools - for personal insight and guidance. The cards are divided into six subject families of nine cards each: birth, love, ordeal, transformation, warnings and rewards. The cards in each family have the same background color and symbol. In the companion text The Rumi Card Book, Eryk Hanut talks about his experience of Rumi's work. He also offers ways of working with this deck and a bit about the life of Rumi. The book and cards come in a attractive, sturdy cardboard container.

Deck/Book Set
Number of
Copyright Publisher Book Cover Card Back
54 2 3/4"
2000 Journey
[book cover] [back design]
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Also Included: instruction book (93 pages)

Category: Non-tarot

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