Transforming Dragons

[Gork] [Wandom] To Sonia Cafe, dragons are the negative emotions and attitudes that hold us back in life. She describes 64 of these "dragons" and the traps they lay for us. Gork, the dragon of Tyranny, makes us want to impose our will on others. Wandom, the dragon of Inertia, keeps us from having the energy for positive change. Through her playful drawings and text, Cafe shows us how to transform our dragons and so gain the "treasures" they guard. Each card shows a different dragon, its name and the page number for its description in the instruction book Transforming Dragons (154 pages). Draw a dragon card to discover the block in any situation.

Number of Cards Size Copyright Back
64 2 5/8" x 3 1/2" 1998 [back design]
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Language of Card Titles: Made-up Names

Also Included: instruction book

Cards (Dragon Names):
Drufus, Nufton, Idoc, Balaitos, Elufus, Jarv, Zorradion, Flutipong,
Restomboc, Urubango, Levornoc, Sontigo, Vonc, Menoros,
Broncho, Lupt, Donk, Honcdonk, Sxau, Quemo,
Fluc, Galitas, Amuto, Doemex, Caleus, Pudrus, Esberfonc,
Doifus, Fliquito, Ogrostov, Troik,
Pitog, Evorn, Selbern, Koscao,
Lorkoc, Drugus, Vexus, Roradorum,
Ornigo, Tilibruc, Spedonco, Scondro,
Axidox, Xuxutaco, Kustic,
Wandom, Grump, Chump, Aldroc,
Etelfloide, Cerbeu, Gork, Lembo,
Nervoc, Antalgo,
Duveros, Mosbit, Yermotov,
Pelifo, Suboc, Bulufus, Luling (the Eastern Dragon)

Cards (Keywords):
Reductionism, Discord, Fanaticism, Stupidity, Laziness, Pressure, Spite, Pessimism,
Lust, Indecision, Guilt, Preoccupation & Worry, Intolerance, Control,
Suspicion & Distrust, Treachery, Dependence & Addition, Indifference & Apathy, Possessiveness, Hypocrisy,
Anger & Rage, Greed, Attachment, Futility, Env, Hypochondria, Emotionalism,
Manipulation, Dishonesty, Pride, Fickleness,
Violence, Separatism, Loquacity, Insensibility,
Rebellion, Cowardice, Vexation, Disregard,
Disorder, Impatience, Fear, Corruption,
Criticism & Judgment, Waste, Failure,
Inertia, Martyrdom, Infidelity, Terrorism,
Gluttony, Ignorance, Tyranny, Ambition,
Imprudence & Carelessness, Stubborness,
Selfishness, Cruelty, Self-Destruction,
Jealousy, Bad Humor, The Western Dragon, Luling (the Eastern Dragon)

Suit Names: no suits

Court Cards: no court cards

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