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[ladder] [empty chair] Rae Hepburn practices tasseomancy - the art of divining by reading the pattern of loose tea leaves in a cup. The leaves form symbols which the seer interprets. Hepburn created the Tea Leaf Fortune Cards as a way of sharing her knowledge of these symbols. She recognizes over 600 in her work and has collected 182 of the most common in this set. Each card shows one symbol with a picture, name and brief interpretation. The ladder (left) means "climbing toward success." The empty chair (right) means "someone is leaving your life." There are also twelve month cards and six general (astral house) cards. You can't learn to read tea leaves from these cards because they don't show actual leaf patterns. Still, they can be used creatively in their own right. In the companion book Tea Leaf Fortune Cards, Hepburn describes the meaning of each card and offers several ways to use them that simulate tea leaf reading methods.

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Copyright Book Cover Card Back Design

182 tea leaf cards
12 month cards
6 astral house cards

3 1/4" diameter 2000 [cover] [back design]
(for tea leaf cards)
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Language of Card Titles: English

Also Included: instruction book (89 pages), yes/no layout (on inside of box lid)

Card Names:
Astral House: Career, Happiness, Love, Marriage, Success, Wealth
Months of the Year: January, February, March, April, May, June,
July, August, September, October, November, December
Tea Leaf Cards::
Angel, Ant, Apple, Archway, Arrow, Ax,
Bag, Barrel, Basket, Bat, Bear, Beetle, Bell,
Bird-Flying, Bird-Perched, Boat, Boot, Bouquet, Bow,
Bowl, Box, Bread, Bridge, Broken Bridge, Broken Ring,
Broken Wishbone, Broom, Bull,
Camel, Candle, Cane, Carriage, Carrot, Casket, Cat,
Caterpillar, Chain, Chair-Empty, Chair-Filled, Claw,
Clouds, Club, Cobweb, Coins, Cracked Cup, Crib, Crown, Cup,
Dagger, Dark Man, Dark Woman, Desk, Diamond, Dog, Dogs,
Dog-Barking, Dog-Close Up, Dog-Far Away, Dolphin, Door, Dragon,
Eagle, Ear, Egg, Elephant, Eye,
Fair Man, Fair Woman, Fan, Feather, Finger, Fire,
Firecracker, Flag, Flowers, Flute, Fly, Forest,
Four-Leaf Clover, Fox, Frying Pan, Funnel,
Gavel, Goldfish, Gong, Grapes, Grasshopper,
Hammock, Hand, Handshake, Harp, Hat, Haystack, Heart,
Hills, Horse, Horseshoe, Inkpot, Jug, Kangaroo, Key, Kite, Knot,
Ladder, Leg, Lightning, Lily, Lion, Lobster,
Man, Mice, Money Path, Moon, Mountain, Mountain Road, Mule,
Needle & Thread, Nest, Older Man, Older Woman, Owl,
Pail, Parrot, Peacock, Pig, Pin, Pineapple, Purse,
Quill, Rabbit, Rainbow, Ram, Rat, Ring, Rooster, Rose,
Scales, Scissors, Sea Horse, Shark, Shield, Skull,
Spear, Staff, Star, Stork, Sun, Sunrise,
Table, Tankard, Target, Teapot, Teardrops, Tent, Throne,
Tiger, Torch, Tortoise, Tower, Tree, Tulip, Turkey,
Unicorn, "V", Valley, Vase, Vine, Vulture,
Wall, Wedge, Weeping Willow, Well, Whale, Wheel,
Windchimes, Wishbone, Woman, Wreath,
Yoke, Younger Man, Younger Woman

Suit Names: no suits

Court Cards: no court cards

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