Vikings Tarot

[Chariot] [2 of Pentacles] The Vikings Tarot is based on the culture and mythology of this warrior people of Northern Europe. The Vikings were ruthless, but courageous explorers with a zest for life reflected in their mighty gods and goddesses. The major arcana cards show the Aesir or supreme gods, such as Odin for the Hierophant and Thor for the Chariot (left). Each minor arcana suit is devoted to a different group: the Giants for primal energies (wands), the Vanir or lesser gods (chalices), the Dwarves and Elves (pentacles) and Man (swords). Each card has a light green border showing the card number at the top with the name or suit in six languages. The instruction booklet by Manfredi Toraldo offers brief meanings for each card and discusses the meaning of each mythological scene for the major arcana. The artist is Sergio Tisselli. The Vikings Tarot is published by Lo Scarabeo in Italy.

Number of
Copyright Publisher Card Back Design

22 major
56 minor

2 5/8"
4 3/4"
2003 Lo Scarabeo
[back design]
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Also Included:
instruction booklet (64 pages) - English, Italian, Spanish, French, German, title card, publisher card

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