White Eagle Medicine Wheel

[Star] [6 of Wands] Wa-Na-Nee-Che designed the White Eagle Medicine Wheel deck to share the wisdom and practices of the Lakota Sioux Native American tradition. Since few can learn these ways in person, the cards serve as teachers carrying this spirit energy through their images. The deck is divided into three groups for three levels of learning. The apprentice level goes with the 28 animal cards. The student level goes with the fourteen grandfather and grandmother cards - gifts from great tribal leaders. The elder level uses the four archetypal totems: drum, sweat lodge, medicine wheel and totem pole. Each card shows a photo image of sacred objects and natural materials relating to the card. The animal cards also have a beaded image of the creature in a circle at the bottom. This set comes with White Eagle Medicine Wheel: Native American Wisdom as a Way of Life by Wa-Na-Nee-Che with Eliana Harvey (132 pages). This book describes the objects in the pictures and the teachings that go with each level.

Number of Cards Size Copyright Book Cover Card Back Design
46 3 1/2" x 5 3/8" 1997 [bookcover] [back design]
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Language of Card Titles: English

Also Included: instruction book (132 pages)

Apprentice/Animal cards:
Eagle, Bear, Badger, Beaver, Spider, Butterfly, Horse, Buffalo, Ant, Otter, Rabbit,
Snake, Porcupine, Cougar, Dragonfly, Dog, Dolphin, Turtle, Elk, Whale, Moose, Fox,
Coyote, Lynx, Raven, Hummingbird, Owl, Hawk
Grandfather cards:
Pipe Carrier, Dreamweaver, Sundancer, Medicine Man, Spirit Warrior, Provider, Record Keeper
Grandmother cards:
Weaver, Birther, Medicine Woman, Stargazer, Wisdom Keeper, Rainbow Dancer, Story Teller
Elder Level cards:
Sweat Lodge, Drum, Medicine Wheel, Totem Pole

Suit Names: no suits

Court Cards: no court cards

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