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[St. Joseph of Cupertino] [St. Elmo] Karen Prioletti and Ann Trump worked for five years to create the Saint deck. They were inspired to help people learn how to experience the loving energy of the saints. Each of these 50 cards is devoted to one saint. The saint's name is at the bottom and his or her feast day at the top. To the left and right are keyword meanings. Certain cards correspond to the tarot major arcana cards as shown by a matching number. (St Nicholas below corresponds to the Empress, card 3). The card image shows certain items and ideas associated with the life of each saint. The deck comes with instruction cards. A companion book The Saint Deck Book gives more detail about each saint's patronage, emblems, legends and stories. Ann and Karen also provide interpretations and notes about the creative process for each card.

Number of
Copyright Publisher Card Back Design
50 3"
4 3/8"
2001 Nanta Bagg [back design]

Companion Book
Title Author Size Number of
Copyright Publisher Cover
The Saint
Deck Book
Karen Prioletti
Ann Trump
5 1/2"
155 200 Nanta
[book cover]

Also Included: 9 instruction cards

Category: Non-tarot

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[St. Christopher] [St. John] [St. Nicholas]


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