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[Live Dangerously] [Walk Without Feet] The Success Cards by Giouseppe Ricci and artist Sandro Beltramo express a view of success that is not wealth or power, but the experience of living "the events of life, its peaks and troughs, with a serene detachment and an imperturbable spirit." Ricci and Beltramo created this deck as a tool for awakening intuition and becoming more aware. These cards are based on the 64 cards of the I Ching, but without the traditional hexagrams or commentary by lines. Each card simply has a number and short meaning. Beltramo allowed the images to come to him by "waiting without seeking." The instruction booklet describes how these cards can help you live more completely in the moment. There is also a commentary on each card with an inspiration quote from sources such as the Tao Te Ching.

Number of
Copyright Publisher Card Back Design
64 2 5/8"
4 3/4"
2003 Lo Scarabeo
[back design]
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Also Included: instruction booklet (95 pages)

Category: Non-tarot

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[Non-Doing] [True Nourishment] [Vicious Circle]


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