Casting Lots: An Oracle of the Holy Spirit

[Gathering Disciples] [Transformation] Dorian Hunt created Casting Lots: An Oracle of the Holy Spirit as a tool "to access divine wisdom, guidance, comfort and help." To cast lots is to throw items such as stones and receive guidance by reading their pattern. In this case, the lots are 78 cards inspired by the life and teachings of Jesus. The cards are divided into two groups. Lots are sixty cards that feature highlights from His life (left). Signs are 18 cards of miracles and healings (right) with an associated quality. Each one also has a Biblical reference. Lots reflect what is going on in your life, signs show what needs to be healed or transformed. In the companion book Casting Lots, Hunt describes how people of all beliefs can use this oracle in a spiritual way. For each card, she talks about the meaning to be drawn from the event or person. She also offers questions to ask yourself and ways to act on the card's meaning in daily life.

Deck/Book Set
Number of
Copyright Publisher Book Cover Card Back
60 Lots
18 Signs
1998 Center for
Inner Gardening
[book cover] [back design]
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Also Included: instruction book (320 pages), plastic pocket to hold cards

Category: Non-tarot

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[Lazarus] [Resurrection] [Confidence]


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