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Recommended for Beginners (taking the Learning the Tarot online course):

    1. Any Waite Tarot deck
        --- the Rider-Waite illustrates the on-line course

    2. Learning the Tarot: A Tarot Book for Beginners
        --- paperback version of the on-line course (optional)

Complete List of Decks and Books

Amulets of the Goddess
Angel Oracle Deck
Angel Oracle Set
Angel Power
Angel Voices
Angels Oracle Cards
Animal Spirits Knowledge Cards
Awareness Cards

Bach Flower Oracle
Black Angel Cards
Book of African Divination
Book of Doors Divination
Book of Runes
Buddha Cards

Cards of Alchemy
Casting Lots
Celtic Book of the Dead
Celtic Oracle Set
Celtic Tree Oracle
Celtic Wisdom Sticks
Complete I Ching Kit
Contemplation Cards
Cosmic Deck of Initiation

Dolphin Affirmations
Dolphin Divination Cards
Dragon Oracle
Druid Animal Oracle

Egyptian Oracle

Faces of Womenspirit
Fairy Oracle
Fairy Ring
Flower Speaks
Fortune Teller's Deck

Gipsy Fortune Telling Cards
Goddess Speaks
Goddess Wisdom Cards
Goddesses Knowledge Cards
Gypsy Witch Fortune Telling Playing Cards

Haindl Rune Oracle

I Ching Cards
I Ching Coins (U.S. Games)
I Ching Holitzka
I Ching Kit
I Ching of Love
I Ching Tarot
Insight Cards
Intuition Book and Card Pack
Intuition Cards
Irish Fairy Cards

Kabbalah Cards
Kalachakra Oracle
Karma Angels
Karma Oracle

Lakota Sweat Lodge Cards Lenormand Oracle Cards
Lord of the Rings Oracle
Lovers Oracle

Mana Cards
Mandala Oracle
Mayan Oracle
Medicine Cards
Mlle. Lenormand Cartomancy Deck
Moon Oracle

Native American Cards

Odin's Rune Cards
OH Cards
Oracle of Kabbalah
Oracle of the Goddess
Oracle of the Radiant Sun

Palmistry Cards
Phoenix Cards
Power of Flowers
Power of Runes

Relationship Cards
Rumi Card & Book Pack
Rune Cards
Rune Magic
Russian Gypsy Fortune Telling Cards

Sacred Geometry Oracle
Sacred Geometry Oracle Deck Set
Sacred Path Cards
Saint Deck
Shaman Wisdom Cards
Sibilla Oracle Cards
Soul Cards I & II
Stargate Deck
Stone People Medicine
Success Cards
Symbolon Deck

Tao Deck
Tao Oracle
Tea Leaf Fortune Cards Set
Titania's Fortune Cards
Transforming Dragons

Universal Love/a>

Vertical Oracle
Viking Cards
Visual I Ching

White Eagle Medicine Wheel
Wicca Pack
Wisdom of the Four Winds
Wisdom of the Maya
Witches Runes
Wolf Pack Deck
Wolf Song Cards

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